Design Consultant for water supply treatment system:

  • Surface water treatment;
  • Ground water treatment;
  • Industrial process water treatment:
    • Softening water;
    • Deionization water;
    • Water supply for pharmacy;
    • Water supply for food, beverage industry.

Design Consultant for waste water treatment system:

  • Civil waste water such as:
    • Domestic waste water;
    • Building waste water;
    • Hotel waste water;
    • Resort waste water,…
  • Industrial waste water.

Environmental Consultant:

  • Providing services relative to environmental impact assessment (EIA) for investment projects;
  • Conducting Environmental Monitoring;
  • Conducting Environmental Protection Schemes;
  • Conducting Environmental Protection Commitments;
  • Conducting Book of Hazardous Waste Source Owners;
  • Conducting Hazardous Waste Management Report.